Low Water Landscaping Plants for Businesses and Commercial Property

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Low Water Landscaping Plants for Businesses and Commercial Property

If you’re the proud owner of a commercial property, it’s important to have an eye-catching landscape that will create a positive first impression. However, we know how tedious and costly upkeep can be. That doesn’t mean your dreams for beautiful landscaping can’t become a reality. With low maintenance plants, there are plenty of ways for you to install beautiful designs without spending too much time or money maintaining them. Because these resilient flowers thrive in containers and virtually any environment, they’ll live longer than most other plants, so your outdoor space stays looking perfect all year round.

Best Low Water Landscaping Plants for Businesses and Commercial Properties

1) Barberry

Get ready to amp up your commercial property with the Barberry shrub, a low-maintenance addition that will dazzle all year round. This resilient plant can withstand almost any soil type and thrives without much effort from you – just some occasional pruning for best results. Get set to be amazed at its popping yellow hues throughout each season.

2) Black-Eyed Susan

If you’re looking for a beautiful wildflower to brighten up your entrance, the Black-Eyed Susan is an excellent choice. They love soaking in full sun and can even stand up to tough soil conditions. Plus, they flower brilliantly from June until October. These blooms come in vibrant shades of yellow, reds, oranges and browns, with their trademark black or brown center dome. Ready to make your garden bloom? The Black-Eyed Susans have it covered.

3) Fescue

For those in warmer climates, why not add a subtle touch of elegance to your property with Fescue? This hardy and drought-resistant plant is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to traditional grass. Its vibrant emerald stems provide the perfect backdrop for flower beds, giving them added depth that creates stunning visuals.

4) Agave

Agave plants are incredibly resilient, making them perfect for all kinds of gardens – even those with extreme conditions. With their unique blade-like leaves and hardiness in dry or hot weather, they add an elegant statement to any commercial property. Just make sure you keep these dangerous beauties away from busy pathways to avoid getting hurt by the sharp foliage.

5) Fountain Grass

For an impressive addition to your space, fountain grass is undeniably one of the best choices. The clumping variety not only looks amazing in full sun but will also require minimal care – just a bit of trimming each season and some water during dry spells. In no time at all, you’ll have lush foliage that creates beautiful contrast year-round without hours spent tending it every week.

6) Lilyturf

If you’re looking for a plant that’s easy to manage, has great texture, and looks amazing all year round, then lilyturf is the perfect addition to your commercial landscape design. Not only is it super durable — allowing it to survive in even difficult conditions – but its narrow foliage adds depth without overpowering other features of your garden. Plus, with just minimal water and an occasional trim every one or two years, this low-growing beauty requires barely any maintenance at all.

7) Spreading Daisy

Daisies are one of nature’s most colorful treats. Native to the western half of North America, this flower has a range that rivals any rainbow – from soft pinks and delicate blues to vibrant whites or beautiful lavenders with glowing yellow centers. And talk about abundance! A single stem can easily boast more than 100 flowers blooming at once. What could be better?

8) Prickly Pear

Prickly Pears are a popular choice for landscaping, especially in the Great Plains and Front Range. These intriguing plants don’t reach very much more than one inch tall, but spread out horizontally to form beautiful clumps of cheerful yellow blooms with hints of red – just stunning. Not only that, they bear fruit called tuna which look more delicious than it sounds — juicy red treats straight from nature’s garden.

9) Petunias

Petunias are a landscaper’s dream come true! From stunning hues to their amazing scent, petunias provide long-lasting beauty with minimum effort. Plus, they can handle the summer heat without breaking a sweat. And you don’t have to water them too often. It’s no wonder why these beauties remain one of the most popular flowers around.

10) Hosta Plants

If you’re looking for an easy-breezy flower to add a touch of color and style to your business landscape, then look no further than the lovely hosta. These flowers come in all sorts of shades, from light pastels that like lots of sun, right through darker varieties that tolerate more shelter. As if their good looks weren’t enough, they’re highly resistant against most diseases.

11) Mexican Sunflower

If you’re looking for an eye-catching garden addition, look no further than the Mexican Sunflower! Native to Mexico and boasting bright green foliage and vibrant oranges and yellows that resemble a large daisy with long outer petals surrounding its center. This sunflower ‘impostor’ is perfect as filler or backdrop plants, injecting warmth into any setting it takes root in.

12) Marigolds

Dazzle your commercial landscape with cheerful, hardy marigolds. These flowers come in yellow, orange or a mix of both and have carnation-like flower heads that make for an unforgettable display. Best part? Not only are they stunning, but these drought resistance beauties also need minimal care. You can sit back and watch them spread their warmth all season long.

When you choose one of these drought-resistant plants, get ready to unleash a world of vibrant life, texture and color. Make your next commercial landscape project stand out with help from these trendy plants. Whether you’re starting fresh or refreshing what already exists, these beautiful picks are perfect for setting your outdoor space apart.

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