Measuring Turf & Turf Size Calculator

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The key thing to keep in mind when ordering turf on our site is that rolls come in preset widths, typically 12 or 15 feet. You can select a custom length for your project, and our system will display the total square footage, as well as the price for that roll. To order multiples of that roll size, please increase the quantity.

Instructions for Ordering Turf

Ordering turf can be complicated, and you typically want to balance:

  1. Ordering as few rolls as possible to reduce the number of seams in your installation.
  2. Keep the pieces at a manageable length. (100′ of turf is heavy and hard to handle without the right equipment)
  3. Order more than you need so you can cut away and don’t have to jigsaw the installation together, but don’t order so much that you need to throw away tons.

Below are some examples:

  1. If your overall space is 28′ x 50′ you need two 15′ x 50′ rolls, not 4 15′ x 28′ rolls.
  2. If the area were 28′ x 150′, you would want ten 15′ x 28′ rolls, and not two 15′ x 150′ rolls as they would be heavy and difficult to work with without the right equipment.
  3. Following that logic, if your space was 35′ x 51′ (1,785 sq. ft.) , you could order either three 15′ x 51′ rolls (3 * 765 = 2295 sq. ft.), or four 15′ x 35′ rolls (4 * 525 = 2100 sq. ft.). Three rolls would create fewer seams, but it would also result in significantly more wastage, 510 sq. ft. vs. 315 sq. ft. so we’d recommend four.

Turf Ordering Tip #1

For the most professional look and durable construction, you always want to order more turf than the area calls for; this way you can account for extra space. We would not recommend trying to slice pieces and redistribute them around etc. for the savings, it’s not worth the hassle and will not look as good or last as long. Additionally, turf has a pile direction, kind of like wood has a grain, so you want to align rolls all facing the same way.

Turf Ordering Tip #2

Regardless of the shape you’re dealing with, you always want to order a rectangle that covers the total area, then cut away. While you can technically save money at certain points, and we would never discourage you from doing so, but we certainly wouldn’t try it on our own lawns, because the final product is typically better when you buy slightly more than you need. Our team is also 1-800-496-3092 standing by, and can help you order the perfect amount for your needs. But in general you will usually have cleaner seams, less headaches mid-project, and feel better about your long term investment when you start with the right amount of materials.

Turf Ordering Tip #3

When dealing with strange and irregular shapes, you want to split up and calculate turf amounts in logical partitions. Reinforcing tips #1 & #2 above, it may be tempting to get clever with your turf application process, but  there is generally a magical sweet spot when it comes to how much turf you will need for installation, & we can help you find it.