Shipping Prices:

We strive to make the ordering process for turf extremely easy. We have found by providing the information below we are able to alleviate most issues. The rules below are typical of commercial freight companies and apply to all retail artificial turf companies. We want to make sure our customers are informed about the procedures of common freight carriers ahead of their purchase to create an easy-buying experience.

All of our turf products ship for FREE to a business in a commercially zoned area on orders over 450 s/f. The shipment MUST ship to a commercial (brick-and-mortar) area to earn free shipping (unfortunately home-based businesses are not included). We use common freight carriers; therefore, any order going to a residential area will incur a $99.00 residential fee. Turf Factory Direct covers all upfront shipping charges; the residential fee charged to us is a surcharge in addition to shipping charged by freight companies to access residential areas. We cover the actual shipping cost.  The only charge a residential customer incurs is the cost of the residential fee of $99.00 Freight companies notify residential customers 24 hours prior to delivery. Minimum shipment for residential delivery is 300 s/f.  Please click here for a list of freight company terminals where you may pick the freight up.  This is known as will-call.  This is an option if you do not have a business to accept material or if your residential order is below 300 sf.

The residential delivery DOES NOT include offloading the material from the truck.

The delivery is considered “curb-side” delivery which means the driver, nor the freight companies, are responsible for offloading the freight from the truck, although, they do typically make efforts to help. Although for some customers this may seem like a large task; we regularly ship out large rolls from our facilities and rarely do customers have issues removing rolls from the truck. If you are unsure that a 53 foot transfer truck can drive down your road or in your neighborhood, be prepared to meet the driver at a safe location to offload the freight.

If you have any questions about delivery or shipping charges please feel free to contact a member of our sales team at any time and we will be glad to assist!

    • WE DO NOT DELIVER ON SATURDAYS OR SUNDAYS!  Shipping typically takes between 5-10 business days, and in some rare cases even longer. So please check with your salesperson for an estimated shipping time period.
  • Turf Factory Direct will not be held responsible for cost associated with rescheduled installations due to product delivery delays.  Please do not schedule your installer until you have the material in your possession. While we make every effort to give a correct and valid ETA unfortunately there are delays beyond our control.   To omit issues with installers we recommend not scheduling until material is in hand.

Damages During Shipping?

Even though we strive to make sure that your product gets there all in one piece sometimes damages happen along the way. If this happens, make sure to make a note of each damaged roll on the driver’s delivery receipt. Otherwise, we cannot help with the damaged material.

Shipments on average arrive between 5-10 business days. In the Southeast product can arrive much sooner. Please contact our sales staff if your order is urgent so we may direct you on a shipping time.

Commercial freight lines DO call before a residential delivery, typically 24-48 ahead of schedule, commercial freight lines are NOT REQUIRED to call before delivering to a business/commercial destination. It is the responsibility of the customer to call ahead if they should need an exact ETA or if they have any specific time/date they will request the turf be delivered.

Be aware that ETA (estimate time of arrival) is just that, an ESTIMATE. Some terminals may vary on the ETA by a few days. This is typically not the case but can happen under some circumstances. The turf can arrive a day or so earlier or a day or so after the delivery date.

If there is a problem/discrepancy with your turf once it arrives please call us BEFORE unrolling your turf if at all possible. In the case the turf would need to be returned to us freight companies require the turf be rolled a specific way. This can be very difficult to do if you do not have the proper materials/machinery; therefore, please let us know before cutting, installing, or unrolling the turf.   If the material is cut, installed or altered in any way before notifying us of damages this will void your claim.   On certain occasions our sales staff may work out special conditions with you.  This would need to be discussed prior to altering the material in any way.

PLEASE call us the moment you see any damages.  If damages are not noted within 45 days from the date of receipt this will void a claim.  Concealed damage is damage to the interior of the roll done by the freight company in transit.  While we make every effort to minimize this, it does happen.   Please unroll your freight as quickly as possible to check for this.   We have limited time to submit a claim to the freight company on this type of damage.