Your pets are part of the family, but they’re also animals with destructive instincts. When you let your dogs play and go to the bathroom on real, carefully manicured grass, it doesn’t take long for them to fill your yard with holes, odors, clumps of grass, piles of dirt, and other telltale signs that animals own the place. Artificial pet turf is a low-maintenance alternative to natural grass, and we know your pets will love it as much as you do.

At Turf Factory Direct, we’re proud to offer attractive synthetic grass options that are designed specifically for your furry family members. Our pet turf is made to last, so it stands up to daily digging, scratching, and running without showing signs of wear and tear. Your pets will enjoy it too, because it feels good on their paws and comes in colors and textures that mimic their natural playground.

Of course, our pet turf also takes a serious chunk out of your yard work, housework, and even pet cleanup. Our artificial grass technology stays short, green, and dry for years, so you won’t have to mow to keep it short or turn on the sprinklers to maintain that lush, natural green color. And if you spend hours cleaning up after your pets every week, that will change after your pet turf installation. Say goodbye to muddy paw prints across your indoor floors, because our synthetic pet turf drains excess water and eliminates the need for soil. It even resists odors, stains, and water to make waste cleanup easy.

Artificial grass is also safer for your pets and the rest of your family. It won’t trap harmful pests or allergens. It also doesn’t require fertilizer or pesticides, so your dogs, kids, and local water supply won’t be exposed to toxic chemical runoff when it rains. Our all-weather pet turf is also impermeable with a solid backing, which is available with padding for your pets’ comfort. Your dogs won’t be able to dig up live electrical cables or leave large holes that create tripping hazards in your yard, no matter how hard they try.

Browse our pet turf products today to find the texture, color tone, and thickness that’s right for your landscaping. Customizing your pets’ play area is easy when you order from Turf Factory Direct, because we will cut your turf to fit any length and manufacture special products upon request. Just contact us for more information about your pet turf options, or to arrange a residential shipment.

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