Do HOAs Allow Artificial Turf?

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Originally posted on November 5, 2020 @ 10:17 pm

Do HOAs allow turf lawns? The answer to this question is, as with all things house-related, it’s complicated. Homeowner associations are formed to help protect the collective interests of homeowners in the neighborhood, whether it’s keeping noise levels down or bringing trash cans in on time. The long list of rules and strict guidelines has earned them a reputation for being knit-picky, even to the point of being demanding. 

Lawn care and curb appeal are common points of contention for neighbors and HOAs;

Fortunately, artificial turf’s attractive and low-maintenance characteristics help prevent lawn disputes. As the provider of high quality turf direct from the manufacturer, Turf Factory Direct is the expert in all the pros and (few) cons of turf and turf installation. This article will answer your HOA turf compatibility questions, and outline the turf pros and cons, while also giving some strong arguments for why HOAs should not only allow turf lawns, HOAs should promote turf lawns. 

Do HOAs allow artificial turf?

Truthfully, some do and some don’t. Some HOAs promote artificial turf lawn for its attractive appearance and easy upkeep, and even give rebates to homeowners who turf their yard due to local water conservation laws. 

Other HOAs don’t like the idea of artificial turf and do not allow it, because they’re only familiar with the turf of the old days that was designed for sports stadiums. However, since its creation, turf has significantly improved and is designed to be attractive and practical for a number of commercial and residential uses, such as:

What’s the way to know for sure? Check your Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions document (CC&Rs). Many associations have not yet revised their CC&Rs, and may still require a natural grass lawn, because they have yet to know about the benefits of turf landscaping. 

Artificial turf quality has dramatically improved to the point that people have a hard time telling the difference between it and natural grass. Carefully review the CC&Rs specifications, because not all turf is created equal. Your HOA will likely expect high quality turf, the likes of which Turf Factory Direct offers, that is professionally installed to preserve all of the home values surrounding it. 

In addition to CC&Rs, make sure you also check local laws too. Although many cities now allow or even encourage artificial turf, some cities still have rules regulating its use. 

Why HOAs Should Encourage Turf Lawns 

We may have previously mentioned that HOAs can get a reputation for being knit-picky, especially in regards to curb appeal. One of the most common complaints and conflicts that homeowners have with HOAs is the state of their lawn. The grass is either too long, not green enough, or maybe there’s one too many weeds. Artificial turf can put those worries to rest and ease the tensions between homeowners and HOAs. 

What are turf lawn pros and cons?

There’s a long list of pros for encouraging the use and creation of turf lawns:

The Pros of Artificial Turf

  1. Turf is beautiful – Well installed and maintained artificial turf looks beautiful all year long. 
  2. Turf is versatile – Artificial turf can not only replace natural grass, it can be used for a number of applications that natural grass can’t. You can explore landscaping inspiration and discover how versatile turf can be in our guide to Inspiring Artificial Turf Ideas.
  3. Turf is safe – Artificial turf is non-toxic, not a choking hazard, doesn’t get muddy and slippery when wet, and is non-abrasive and shock absorbent. Overall, turf makes for a kid-friendly, pet-friendly, athlete-friendly, and even klutz-friendly surface.
  4. Turf is low-maintenance – Artificial turf is easy to maintain, and it discourages the growth of weeds and grass insects like chiggers, fleas, and mosquitoes. No watering, mowing, fertilizing, or reseeding required, and weeds and pests are kept to a minimum. 
  5. Turf is budget-friendly – Keeping a lawn green in areas with drought prone neighborhoods can be challenging, and it’s a waste of a precious commodity— water. Turf lawns save water, money, and time that would be spent making your lawn attractive, without having to give up the lush greenery. Some cities offer homeowners a rebate to encourage more conversion to artificial turf to conserve water. Find out how much artificial turf can save you by checking out Understanding the Costs of a Natural Lawn.
  6. Turf is environmentally-friendly – It helps you reduce and prevent use of harmful chemicals like fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides that contaminate the ecosystem. You can learn more about The Water Saving Benefits of Artificial Turf and why it matters from The Importance of Water Conservation.

The above qualities contribute to higher property value for the entire neighborhood, not just an individual house, due to the nature of how home appraisal works. Curb appeal is everything in homeownership. A white picket fence surrounding a lush green lawn is a quintessential part of living the “American Dream.”  Since artificial turf has few cons, it can make your landscaping dreams come true. 

The Cons of Artificial Turf

  1. Upfront cost – Artificial turf can be more expensive to install than it is to plant natural grass, but its longevity and durability more than makeup for the costs vs. the constant treatment a natural grass lawn requires. 
  2. Retains heat – If you live in a hotter climate, artificial turf can end up getting pretty high in regards to heat retention, but occasionally spraying it down with water mitigates that. 
  3. Lot Envy – Your yard will be the envy of the neighborhood! Less yard work means fewer chances to wave hello to your neighbors, but that’s okay because you’ll have more time to enjoy a BBQ on your beautiful turf lawn!

Considering the pros and cons of natural vs. artificial grass,  HOAs will be promoting turf lawns in no time! Are you ready to get started with artificial turf now? Turf Factory Direct has the high quality landscaping turf that will make you wonder why you didn’t turf your lawn sooner. Get in touch with us today, and if you still need convincing, check out one of these blogs to help you make your decision.