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Price Per Kit $58.00

Minimum Order Price $58.00


Product Description

Each kit contains 30′ of seam tape and enough glue to cover the 30′ of seam tape.


  • No open time required – Load the glue tube into a caulking gun, break the seal and get to seaming! TurfBond does NOT require an open time for out gassing because it is solvent free.
  • No potential damage to turf fibers – Because TurfBond does not give off any harmful fumes like many adhesives, there is no concern about the melting of the turf.
  • Great for indoor projects – With virtually no odor, no out gassing of fumes, and non-flammable materials, TurfBond is the perfect adhesive for indoor arenas too!
  • No Waste! 100% of the product in the pail can be used.
  • Reduced installation time with controllable set times and no need for “open time,” TurfBond saves time and therefore money.
  • No mixing or accelerant needed Lightly misting the back side of the turf will speed up the set time, but it is not a necessity.

Glue Kits ship separately from turf via USPS. They typically ship prior to your order of turf. You will receive a separate tracking email for the glue kits.

Additional Information

Weight 16 oz

Per Kit