How to Keep Pets from Digging Up Your Landscaping

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How to Keep Pets from Digging Up Your Landscaping

Originally posted on November 1, 2022 @ 12:48 am

Ever had a furry friend who thinks the yard’s their personal treasure hunt, turning it into a mess? Or worse, when they decide the grass is greener on the neighbor’s side, suddenly you’re not just battling lawn holes but neighborly tiffs too.

While most pet owners have their entire yard or a dedicated section of the lawn for their pets, not everyone has invested in synthetic turf lawns that can handle playful and destructive pets like dogs. For that reason, knowing how to keep your adventurous animals from tearing up your yard is important.

So, what’s the reason behind your pet digging up the lawn? What can you do to fix the problem? We’ll take you through common solutions to help you stop your pet’s digging behavior and some hacks to prevent future issues.

Why Are My Pets Digging Up My Landscaping and Lawn?

Why do pets dig? Pets, particularly dogs, are adventurous and might leave holes all over your lawn. There are several reasons why your dog is digging in your yard, and understanding them will help you train them to stop digging.


Dogs are playful, and once they get bored, they’ll find something to entertain themselves, including tearing up your carefully crafted landscaping. Your pet might be digging your lawn for entertainment if they:

  • Are left alone for long without company, and they get bored
  • Have seen you doing garden work and want to emulate you
  • Lack toys or playmates to play with, so they entertain themselves
  • Are an active breed and need to be engaged to be happy
  • Have excess energy and need an outlet to release it (this is common for puppies and adolescent dogs)

Comfort and Protection

Pets might dig holes in the yard for cool soil to lie on during hot weather. They may also dig holes to shield themselves from wind, rain, and cold. You’ll know that your pet is digging for protection if they dig near the building’s foundation, lie inside the holes, or their shelter is extremely hot or cold.

Hunting Prey

Another reason your dog or cat digs up your yard is to catch small animals underneath the soil. For instance, if your lawn is infested with rodents like moles, your dog will keep digging to catch them. You’ll know that your pet is hunting for prey when they:

  • Continuously dig in a specific area or path and not other areas of your yard
  • Focus on digging around shrubs or tree roots
  • Stick their noses into the holes they dig and look excited as if they’re looking to get something

Seeking Companionship or Attention

Most pets love seeking attention, and if you don’t spend enough time with them, they might end up digging into your lawn to seek attention and make you spend more time with them.


Is your dog trying to dig holes along or under the fence? They might be trying to escape. Your pet might be trying to escape because they want freedom, they’re looking for a mate, or they’re trying to get away from something.

Common Solutions and Methods to Help Stop Pets From Digging up Your Landscaping

So, how do you keep your determined digger from tearing up your lawn? Here are solutions to help stop your pet from digging up your yard:

1) Spend Time With Your Pet and Let Them Exercise

If your pets want to entertain themselves by digging up your yard, try to spend more time with them. For instance, you can take your dog for evening walks to help them get rid of excess energy. You can also participate in fun activities such as playing with balls and flying discs to keep them occupied.

2) Create a Fun Dig-pit or Digging Area

If your pet can’t stop digging, consider creating a dig-pit or digging zone in your yard where they can dig and be playful. In such a case, you’ll need to train them so that they learn not to dig in other areas of the yard other than the designated area. For instance, you can sprinkle or bury treats to encourage your dog to dig in the designated area.

3) Trap and Get Rid of Burrowing Animals and Invasive Rodents

If your pets dig near trees and plants in search of prey, you can use repellents or humane traps to free your yard from rodents or burrowing animals. However, avoid using poisonous products that might harm your pets.

4) Provide Protection and Comfortable Shelter

If your pet is digging to seek comfort and protection, provide them with comfortable shelter. For instance, if your dog’s outdoor shelter is too cold or hot, you can bring them inside often or make sure their shelter is protected from extreme temperatures.

5) Fence off the Digging Spots

Fencing off the digging spots with a sturdy but flexible barrier is the simplest deterrent hack to prevent future digging. Fencing will help keep your pets away from their digging sites or areas.

Common Deterrents and Hacks to Help Prevent Future Issues

If your pet has developed a habit of digging your lawn, some of the common deterrents and hacks you can employ to avoid future re-digging include the following:

Put an Uncomfortable Rock Layer on the Digging Spots

Pets love playing in soft soil, so putting uncomfortable rocks where your pet loves to dig will deter them because the ground will be unenjoyable.

Use a Digging Barrier Like Plastic Mesh

Burying a plastic chicken wire mesh or netting under the surface will discourage your pets from digging. However, avoid metal wires because they’ll hurt your dog’s paws.

Sprinkle a Deterrent Smell or Repellents

You can discourage your pet from digging up your yard by sprinkling a deterrent smell like red cayenne pepper, citrus peel, or vinegar. These smells will irritate your pet’s nose and make them avoid the area.

Get Yourself a Turf Lawn

Even though a turf lawn won’t necessarily keep your pets away from your yard, artificial turf is pet-friendly and durable. The best part is that besides increasing property value by increasing curb appeal, a turf lawn can’t be eaten or dug up, so you don’t have to worry about keeping your pets from digging your lawn.

If you’re considering installing a turf lawn to keep your pets from digging up your yard, Turf Factory Direct can offer you a variety of pet turf, including landscaping turf and pet turf. Contact us today for a high-quality turf lawn.