Best Infill for Pet Turf

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best infill for pet turf

Originally posted on April 24, 2020 @ 7:50 pm

Looking for the best artificial grass infill for pets? Pet-safe infills for turf are plentiful and easy to find, so you don’t need to stress yourself out on the search.

The Main Types of Infill

There are three primary types of infill that you can use for artificial turf and pet turf. 

Silica Sand 

It has a variety of uses, including infill for artificial grass. This sand helps keep blades of artificial grass standing upright, and provides excellent drainage. It’s cheap, but it can harden and lose it’s permeability. For pet turf, it’s probably the worst choice, as it has been known to trap odor. Best for areas that don’t see a lot of traffic. 


Rubber pellets are another commonly used infill for artificial turf, giving the synthetic grass a tactility that resembles natural grass. It’s bouncy and permeable, and it adds volume, which makes for lush-looking artificial terrain. Unfortunately, rubber has some downsides. It traps heat like nobody’s business, and spreads dust when it’s regularly walked on. This means that it can be a little too hot hot hot for your pets’ tender paws. It also can absorb some bacteria, pet odor and can have its own odor. 


Also called Envirofill or Biofill, is an acrylic coated sand made from rounded quartz, or noncrystalline silica. The different brand names can be confusing, but they are the same product, which is a common pet-friendly artificial turf infill. It keeps cool in intense heat, doesn’t absorb liquids and odors, and it has antimicrobial properties. If you’re not strapped for cash, Durafill sand is the way to go. It’s a little more expensive than other infills, but its rounded shape is great for absorbing impact without damage to the grass, and it provides a soft base to walk on. 

What to Pick for Comfort

If you’re looking to create the most comfortable landscape possible for your pets (and maybe yourself too), you have a few options to choose from.


If you live in a more temperate climate, and can take the time to ensure that the pets’ area is being regularly cleaned, rubber is a great choice, and doesn’t break the bank either. That being said, it’s not the best option in an area that’s going to be on the hot side, or you might run into some problems with heat absorption. 


There are other options too that are more expensive, yet provide better comfort. Envirofill (or Durafill) is a great option for many homeowners. It provides antimicrobial properties along with exceptional durability and comfort. 

What to Pick for Antibacterial Properties

The company that produces Envirofill partnered with a leader in antimicrobial tech, Microban. Microban coating protects from the growth of microbes, bacteria, mold, mildew, and more. It’s part of the coating in Envirofill, and it doesn’t wear off or wash off. This is one of the best infills to pick to keep microbes and odors in check, especially if your pet is going to be doing their business on it frequently. 

Hard vs. Soft

Another consideration when you’re laying out artificial turf is the relative hardness of the surface. Here are the infills ranked from hardest to softest:

1) Silica Sand 

Plain old untreated silica sand is the hardest of the infills for artificial turf, due to its inclination to harden and its general level of density. 

2) Rubber infill 

Rubber pellets provide a high level of softness and comfort, reducing the overall impact force of anyone walking (or falling) on it. 

3) Durafill or Envirofill 

The acrylic coating on the silica keeps it from hardening or compacting, so artificial turf that’s filled this one often is extremely comfortable (and durable) over a long period of time.

Keep Odor Under Control

Odor control is the last piece of the puzzle, and for many artificial turf owners, the most frustrating. Nobody wants their yard to smell like pet pee, so you want to make sure that the infill you choose is the right one. 

Many turfs and infills can be kept fresh with regular cleaning and maintenance. Silica sand is the exception, which like a litterbox, can really start to stink and clump. If you want the most low maintenance, odor resistant, and comfortable option that lasts a long time, Durafill or Envirofill is the way to go. The individual grains in the infill are absorbent, and will absorb the liquid from pet urine, but keep the ammonia out. That way, you can be sure that whatever stinky stuff that ends up in your yard gets washed away or bleached out by the sun’s UV rays. You can also invest in an artificial turf pet deodorizer spray or solution that will help keep things clean, and smelling fresh. 

Where Do You Get Good Infill?

There’s many options for purchasing infill, from your local hardware store to specialized retailers. Where to buy silica sand for artificial grass? There’s a lot of options available, like hardware stores and home supply stores.  At Turf Factory Direct, we make sure that you’re supported in your artificial turf journey. If you’ve got questions or want to start an artificial turf project, we’ve got you covered. Get in touch with us, or start browsing our products now.