15 DIY Outdoor Entertainment Area Ideas

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DIY Outdoor Entertainment Area Ideas

Originally posted on March 1, 2023 @ 11:17 pm

Having a killer outdoor space for fun and chill times not only makes your home the go-to spot for hangouts but also pumps up your house’s worth. A report from the National Association of Realtors shows that outdoor chill zones are all the rage with buyers lately. Design it right, and your home’s price might just jump by as much as 10%.

As a result, an outdoor entertainment area increases the chances of your house selling at a higher price than others with similar designs and sizes but without an outdoor living space. A study by the University of Alabama found that homes with outdoor living spaces sold for an average of 3-7% more than homes without outdoor living spaces.

This article shows 15 do-it-yourself outdoor entertainment area ideas to boost your home’s value and enhance your recreational space. Learn step-by-step how to implement each of these ideas and customize them to your needs.

1) Outdoor Movie Theater

Want to enjoy a big-screen cinema experience in the comfort of your backyard? Create an outdoor theater for movie nights. What you need to turn your backyard into a cinema and enjoy the big-screen magic includes:

  • Projector
  • Projector screen
  • Media player (DVD, Blu-ray player, or streaming stick)
  • Speaker

Choose a projector you can easily carry outside, place on a table, and shine the projected image on a projector screen. Alternatives to projector screens are a white sheet or a wall of your house.

A streaming stick like the Amazon Fire TV or Roku connects directly to the projector’s HDMI input and uses your home’s Wi-Fi to stream movies. You don’t want to get a streaming stick? No problem. Use an HDMI cable to connect your laptop directly to the projector.

If the projector’s sound is inaudible, you can connect an external speaker via cable or Bluetooth to enjoy a better, louder sound. Get popcorn! You are ready for an outdoor movie night.

2) Fire Pit Lounge

Outdoor fire pits are one of the most popular outdoor living features among homebuyers, with 66% of homebuyers saying they want a fire pit in their outdoor space, according to a survey by the National Association of Home Builders. Here’s how to create a DIY fire pit.


  • Fire bricks
  • Stone blocks (trapezoidal blocks for round pits; rectangular blocks for square-shaped pits)
  • Gravel base
  • Construction adhesive
  • Lava rock

After deciding the pit’s shape and size, create a two-inch hole within the outlined area and tamp down the soil. Add gravel to the pit, spread it evenly, and tamp again. Next, lay the first row of blocks on the gravel. Apply construction adhesive to join the second row of the block to the first row. Do the same to the third row of blocks.

(Note: Use a circular saw with a concrete blade if block cutting is necessary)

Line the inside of the three-layered fire pit walls with heat-resistant fire bricks. Ensure the bricks align with the top of the fire pit before adding lava rocks to hold the bricks in place. Voila! Your outdoor fire pit is ready. Light up a fire and enjoy a pleasant evening with your loved ones.

If you don’t want to create a fire pit from the ground up, you can buy a pre-made pit available in different shapes and sizes. Whether you buy a ready-made pit or build one from scratch, materials that complement your home’s style help customize the fire pit to your needs.

3) Outdoor Bar

An outdoor bar is great for keeping drinks chilled during outdoor pool parties. If you don’t fancy parties, an outdoor bar gives you a reason to stay outdoors while enjoying the weather. And building one yourself is not rocket science.

Materials needed include:

  • Wood
  • Screws

Once you determine how big you want your bar to be, construct a robust and table-like frame. Screw the floor slats on the frame to make a bottom for the bar. Do the same to the shorter sides and one of the longer sides to make the front. Install a center partition and create shelves on either side. Lastly, attach wood slabs on the bar’s top to create a tabletop.

Use a waterproofing sealant to make the bar weather-resistant, and paint the structure to achieve the desired look.

4) Pizza Oven

Imagine the satisfaction of hosting pizza nights in the privacy and comfort of your home without worrying about ordering every now and then. Bring that to reality with an outdoor pizza oven that lets you quickly make as many pizzas as you’d like. Materials for a DIY pizza oven include:

  • Wall blocks
  • Fire bricks
  • Construction adhesive
  • Flat concrete capstone
  • Mortar

After choosing the pizza oven’s location, design, and size, lay the wall blocks’ base (the first layer). After that, use the construction adhesive to attach the second block layer to the first one. Do the same to the remaining wall block layers.

Next, attach the flat-concrete capstone to the raised structure using the adhesive. Following the manufacturer’s guidelines, mix the mortar with water, then use it to bond fire bricks on the capstone’s surface. Create a wooden mold for the dome and place it on the structure. Build a dome around it using fire bricks and mortar. Remove the dome mold as the last step.

5) Outdoor Kitchen

According to a survey by the American Institute of Architects, outdoor living spaces, such as outdoor kitchens, are homeowners’ most popular special function rooms in 2020. And making one yourself requires the following materials:

  • Outdoor countertops
  • Weather-resistant cabinets
  • Outdoor dining tables and furniture
  • Water supply and drain pipes
  • Electrical cables

Elevate your outdoor kitchen with a ground-level or floating deck, which could be wooden or made of concrete. Next, run the gas and water lines underground while ensuring compliance with applicable local regulations. Then, install weather-resistant countertops and cabinets. You can build a shelter structure over your outdoor kitchen if you like.

6) DIY Outdoor Lighting

Don’t let daylight dictate how long you stay in your home’s outdoor space. Take advantage of artificial lighting to spend more time outside and add beauty to your home. And doing so might be easier than you think.

If you have a tree in your backyard, set up your outdoor dining beneath it. Then, hang string lights on the tree’s branches. Ensure the bulbs directly light the dining area for a magical night experience.

You don’t have a tree in your backyard? No problem. You can raise several poles around the outdoor dining area and hang the string lights to illuminate the outdoor setup. Consider solar-powered, remote-controlled string lights for the best experience.

7) DIY Sound System

Do you want to boast an ultra-clear sound that creates a perfect vibe without disturbing the neighbors? Consider weather-proof outdoor speakers that elevate the outdoor experience at your home.

Weather-resistant Bluetooth speakers are as simple as pairing your phone or tablet to start streaming music. The speakers typically come with a weather-proof power supply, so installation and connection are simple, provided a power outlet is nearby.

8) Outdoor Game Area

Outdoor games are a perfect way to gather in your backyard for some fun. Sunshine, fresh air, and good company make up a special treat difficult to beat. Materials needed to create an outdoor game area include:

  • Playground turf
  • Utility knife
  • Rake
  • Stiff-bristled push broom
  • Seaming tape and adhesive
  • Stamper

Playground turf is an excellent alternative to natural grass for homeowners who want to create a game area for children. Not only is it safe for leisure, but it also requires little-to-no maintenance. It’s easy to clean, which makes it ideal for children’s game areas. It is also less muddy and more resistant to spills than natural grass.

If you install turf from Turf Factory Direct, you won’t have to worry about mowing, weeding, and watering. Learn more on how to install artificial turf in your outdoor space.

9) Hammock Area

Trees around the hammock areas create a beautiful atmosphere to bask, play mobile, or read books. You only need a hammock and string lights to bring this to reality. Suspend the hammock between two trees for relaxing. Then, install string lights to illuminate the area at night.

If you’re considering many people, you can have a table beneath a tree with hanging string lights and use wooden stumps as chairs. Not only will you enhance the beauty of the place, but you’ll also create a unique, old-fashioned look in your backyard.

10) Outdoor Art

The beauty of art has a special appeal like few other things can. And there are multiple ways to bring magnificence to your backyard. If you want to keep things simple, consider squirt paint. Necessary materials:

  • Standing board
  • Art paper roll
  • Masking tape
  • Spray gun or bottle
  • Different colors of paint

Squirt painting is a simple way to create colorful art using anything that sprays or squirts liquids. You put white art paper on a standing board using masking tape. Then, fill spray bottles with different colors of paint. Next, spray the white paper on the board.

Squirt painting is a messy way to create beautiful art. You can frame and hang the art outdoors without exposing it to the elements. Besides squirt painting, you can paint rocks in the pathways or driveways.

Consider tree face decor, garden art statues of animals, and decorative bird feeders for more striking outdoor decorations.

11) Water Feature

Whether you’re looking for a calming ambiance or want to set the mood for meditation, an outdoor water feature creates a lovely atmosphere for relaxing. One of the best ways to achieve this is by building a pond in your backyard and adding a fountain. Necessary materials include:

  • Pump
  • Fountain
  • Garden hose

After deciding the suitable pond size and excavation area, creating the pond is as simple as digging, lining, and filling it with water. Then, install a fountain pump at the center to add the “wow” factor to the pond.

Other DIY water features include filling a large garden pot with water and pond plants. The water-filled pot will act as a mini pond in your backyard.

12) Outdoor Meditation/Yoga Area

Meditation enhances relaxation and promotes a tranquil mind. To create a beautiful and mindfulness-boosting outdoor space, stack rocks into nearly a full circle to transform a patch of artificial grass into a meditation area.

Arrange the stones (three layers up) to form a large, ring-like structure with an entrance. Flowers can surround the place. The meditation area will even be more enchanting near a water feature in your backyard.

13) DIY Pergola

Pergola is a simple structure that transforms your outdoor living experience. It gives your backyard more visual appeal. The necessary materials for a do-it-yourself pergola include:

  • Wood posts
  • Wood beams
  • Screws

After determining the design you want, dig holes for the wood posts. Set the posts, and then cut and install the four roof beams. Next, choose the roof designs, such as decorating the ends of the rafters. Just ensure it meets your specific needs. Cut equally distant notches on the roof beams to attach rafters. If the final structure wobbles, use angled braces to stabilize your pergola. Paint it with your favorite color for a customized look.

14) DIY Swing Set

Do you want to keep kids outside longer and the house quiet during the daytime? Or maybe you’re looking for an outdoor option for your loved ones to enjoy warm weather? Installing a swing set can do the trick. Necessary materials for a do-it-yourself swing set include:

  • Top wood beam
  • Four wooden legs
  • Two middle wood support

The measurements depend on how big you want the swing set to be. Take two wooden legs and join them on one side to form a triangle. Do the same with the remaining wood legs. Next, support each pair with a middle wood brace and place them in holes within a desired distance. Lastly, connect them with the top beam, where you attach the swing hangers to form a swing set.

15) DIY Outdoor Shower

Imagine showering under the stars or outdoors on a sunny, warm evening in the privacy of your backyard. If that sounds romantic-luxurious or pampering, an outdoor shower brings the idea to real life. And you can create one yourself using cedar wood and an outdoor shower kit.

Use cedar wood to create a bathroom-like structure. We recommend cedar because it’s highly resistant to water, harsh weather, and mold. After installing your outdoor shower kit, you can hang a cute curtain to add privacy to your outdoor shower.

Outdoor Improvements to Boost the Beauty and Value of Your Home

Statistics have proven the value of outdoor entertainment areas. According to the National Association of Home Builders, outdoor fire pits are one of the most popular outdoor living features for homebuyers, with 66% saying they want a fire pit in their outdoor space.

For this reason, homeowners who invest in outdoor entertainment spaces can often recoup 70% or more of their investment when they sell their homes, according to the National Association of Realtors. So consider the discussed DIY outdoor entertainment area ideas to capitalize on their potential benefits.

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