TFD Nylon 36 Padded (5mm)

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Price per Square Feet$3.49 sqft

Minimum Order Price $837.60

TFD Nylon 36 Padded 5mm was our first padded product on the market.  TFD Nylon 36 Padded 5mm is 36 oz. face weight and made from 100% texturized nylon.   This product is a preferred material for: sled work, batting cages, multi-purpose indoor facilities, CrossFit plus endless other opportunities.

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Product Description

TFD Nylon 36 Padded (5mm)

TFD Nylon 36 Padded 5mm is a non-rubber infilled material to allow your training facility to run year-around. Constructed of 36 oz texturized nylon, which is the most popular indoor facility fiber. TFD Nylon 36 Padded was created for multi-sport indoor usage, specifically appealing for batting cages and sled work.  Nylon fiber thrives under extreme conditions without showing any signs of wear. TFD Nylon 36 Padded provides a tri-level backing system ending with a five-millimeter foam backing attached.  This material comes in two standard widths 15 ft. & 12 ft. to meet the needs of our customers and is sold by the linear ft. (minimum order 15’x20′ or 12’x20′)

Nylon 36 has been our staple and best-selling indoor facility product since 2010.  Nylon has extreme durability, which cannot be topped, and this material is a low-pile material for ease in cleaning. We keep thousands of Sq. Ft. in stock to ship as quickly as possible to our customers nationwide.  Velcro installation system can also be added to this material for ease in installation needed for temporary, permanent, or DIY installations.

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  • Non-infill system
  • Portability Options
  • Extremely Durable
  • Multi-Sport Usage
  • 5mm foam padded backing for dimensional stability
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • Also Available in an Unpadded Product
  • Two Standard Widths | 12 ft. | 15 ft.

   This material is ideal for:

  • Baseball
  • Batting Cages
  • Multi-sport training facilities
  • Football
  • Indoor facilities
  • Lacrosse
  • Indoor Soccer
  • Sled work
  • Cross-Training
  • Plyometrics
  • Speed & Agility
  • Plus many more options

This product is also available as unpadded turf.

See: TFD Nylon 36 Unpadded

See: TFD Nylon Special Padded 5mm

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Additional Information

Dimensions 1 × 1 ft

Turf Green

Minimum Order Price




Unit Pricing Base Measure

240 sq. ft

Machine Gauge:
Pile Height:
Primary Backing:
Primary Yarn Fiber:
Secondary Backing:
Secondary Yarn Fiber:
Standard Width:
Total Product Weight:
Total Yarn Weight:
Pile Height:


Total Yarn Weight:

36 oz per sq. yd.

Primary Yarn Fiber:


Primary Backing:

7 oz, K-29

Secondary Backing:

22 oz Polyurethane, 55 oz foam padding (5mm)

Total Product Weight:

120 oz per sq. yd., 13.2 oz per sq. ft.

Machine Gauge:


Standard Width:

15 ft., Both 12 ft.


Priced per sq. ft, Sold in Standard Width by Custom Length


Per Sq. Ft.




10 Year